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The company always adheres to the concept of "building a reliable brand in the industry based on advanced DOER technology"
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Service Team


  Care, responsibility, and development.

  We ask colleagues to care, love and help each other. Every manager's care for his subordinates is also reflected in the guidance and training in the work. We require every colleague to have a responsible spirit. Being responsible for work means being dedicated, being responsible for the company is loyal, being responsible for the society is conscience, being responsible for the family is being responsible, and being responsible for colleagues, customers and suppliers is trustworthiness.

  The company adheres to the business philosophy of "Technology and quality go hand in hand, technology is the root, innovation is the soul, and talent is the foundation", and always regards talents as the foundation of entrepreneurship, competition and development of enterprise development. The company adheres to the concept of "first-class talents are the foundation of building a first-class enterprise", and has always paid attention to the cultivation and introduction of talents.

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Nanyang Duer Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock high-tech enterprise. The company is located in the picturesque north of the Han River and south of Funiu; the source of the South-to-North Water Diversion-Nanyang, the land of......

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